Transportation of travelling people

Transportation of travelling people

Have you come up with a trip and want to implement a long-dreamed-of plan? With this service you can travel alone, together with someone else or even a whole team of football fans.

Here you will find the transport and driver that suits your strangest needs. After all, not every passenger car accommodates seven or eight people with mountaineer backpacks, working tools, fishing rods, guitars or bicycles.

How good is our transportation for travelling people service?

It doesn't matter where you're going. Maybe you are waiting for seasonal work in Norway, studies in London or a show at La Scala theatre. Alone or with a whole group, you can travel along with all the items that you need. It's like your personal charter trip through Europe. The driver will be your faithful friend, so you can stop where you want and when you want. This is probably the most convenient way to travel, because a person will always help a person.

What kind of people do we transport?

All of them, just the way they are. You don't have to pretend to be someone else. When searching for transportation, you will clearly express your wishes, so the whole journey will go like clockwork. Just remember to fasten your seat belts and adhere to generally accepted standards of etiquette.

How to prepare for the trip?

Probably, there is no need to remind you not to forget the toothbrush and everything else that you have already written on the travel item sheet. Now prepare to briefly outline your wishes to the future driver: how many people, how many bicycles, how many guitars, what route, how many days will the trip include. Do not forget to write where you want to stay longer, what you could do without in the worst case scenario, or if you want to offer your driver an overnight stay in Paris. All this will help everyone to make the most out of the future trip.

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