Transportation of cars and motorcycles

It is likely impossible to list all the situations when people need to transport a car or motorcycle.

You were travelling across Europe and overturned. You decided not to buy at Gariūnai market, but online from Germany. You went to work abroad and you want to send your relatives a nice four-wheeled gift. You were traveling with your family, but the vehicle broke down and you had to leave it there. The main thing is that now you are in desperate need to transport the vehicle to another place. You came to the right place – our job is to help those in trouble. Transportation of cars in Lithuania and other European countries, transportation of motorcycles in Lithuania and European territory – these are the services that our drivers can provide to you.

What makes our transportation service good?

The fact is that we invite all drivers who know the specifics of transporting such goods, who are experienced, have all the necessary equipment to respond to your calls for assistance. You can choose the cheapest, fastest, most reliable one. Your vehicle will reach the right place with the help of a reliable person and insurance guarantees.

What cars and motorcycles do we transport?

All of them. Not just Ferrari or Ducati. New and used, whole and broken, parked in the centre of Dublin or in an unknown German Village – all will be delivered to you at the right address. Fast, safe, cheap.

Preparation of a car or motorcycle for transportation

Most importantly – describe the situation as clearly as possible: what is the vehicle make and name, pick-up and delivery address, the condition of the vehicle (in good shape, waiting for transportation or after an accident, sitting in a ditch), personal, contacts of the person transferring car/motorcycle, contacts of a person that will accept the vehicle. And, of course, our drivers will be greatly helped by the photos of your vehicle.

Registration of transportation of a car or motorcycle

Register for a vehicle transportation here and get offers from drivers.