Parcel transportation

Parcel transportation

Millions of parcels travel across the world every day. They do so on all kinds of transport: mail courier cars, trains, ships, planes. Some parcels reach us in just a few days – that is the true happiness!
Unfortunately, it also happens when parcels get stuck in customs offices, disappear in terminals, get lost in post offices. It happens that the parcel reaches us damaged: crumpled, broken or torn and let's admit it – that is really annoying. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of your parcel, its speedy delivery and earn your trust. We provide transportation services both domestically and throughout Europe.

What benefits do our parcel transportation services bring?

We invite you to send parcels through carriers driving in the direction you need. From hand to hand, through one reliable person. It is fast, convenient, cheap and safe. Additionally, even if just a bit, you still contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution – instead of having your parcels carried by a special postal transport, you deliver the parcel to the person to whose destination is on the same way as your delivery address.

What parcel do we transport?

All of them. The same ones which are not prohibited by ordinary mail.

How should a parcel be prepared?

Choose packages or boxes of the right size. Pack in such a way that nothing falls out during carriage or transportation by car. Make sure to take care of additional protective materials, especially if fragile, broken objects are sent. Mark where is the top of the box – if this can affect the quality of transportation of the parcel. Specify who the sender is, as well as the recipient, make sure you write down their contacts correctly. Measure the package size of the parcel, estimate the preliminary weight.

Registration of parcels

Simply and quickly make a parcel registration and get offers from drivers. You can register a parcel here 

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