Transportation of animals

Animal transportation is a very responsible job, so we invite you to look for carriers ready to help you through our platform! Carriers operate in Lithuania and throughout Europe.

When a tiny new pet appears in your house, it brings joy, love, a little chaos and responsibilities to the house, it becomes a member of the family! So, if you decide to emigrate to another country, or just to another city– the pet travels along with you. And if you fly by plane or travel on such transport, where there is no way to pick up your four-legged family member along? You need transportation of animals by special transport and a caring driver.

What makes our transportation of animals special?

On the platform we created, you will easily and simply find the best animal transportation offers. By registering for the animal transportation service, you get multiple offers from different carriers that are always ready for the trip! Drivers are responsible, caring and love their work, so they will take care of your pet's safety, feeding and even walk them! 

What animals do our carriers transport?

All of them! Yes, only four-legged family members were mentioned, but in fact drivers transport all domestic animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots, hamsters or fish with the whole aquarium. You will discuss the preparation for your trip with a specific driver to whom you will entrust your darling. We have many drivers who drive around Lithuania and throughout Europe, so there will certainly be at least one who meets your needs and wishes.

Registration for animal transportation

Register here and our drivers will ensure that the transportation of animals is safe, fast and convenient!