Transportation of furniture and items

Transportation of furniture and items

Are you moving to another city, but after getting there, you realize that you can only sleep peacefully in your favourite bed, which, unfortunately, got left at home? No problem! We have a lot of drivers ready to take care of the transportation of your furniture and items right away!
Or maybe you flew by plane to London to study, but forgot to pick up a beloved bedside table and thirty multi-coloured raincoats? Do not despair, just register with us the transportation service for furniture or items and warn your housemates!

What makes transportation service for single items and furniture so good?

We invite you to send individual items and furniture through drivers driving in the direction you need. If there is a road that wind up from the point of pick-up to delivery point, then we will deliver the cargo quickly. Safely, through a reliable person, and with insurance as our gift to you.

What items and furniture do we transport?

All that can be accommodated in passenger, van or freight cars.

Preparation of transported items

Whether it's a queen bed or a three-piece wardrobe, it should be disassembled into smaller parts. If it is bed linen or half a ton of clothes – it is best to put everything in tight bags and tie it up really well (or use cardboard boxes). In simple words, prepare so that the driver can calmly carry out the trip, without fun activities such as “catch the scattered items.” Do not forget to specify who the sented and the recipient are: their addresses and contact details so that the driver could easily contact them. Estimate the total size of the items sent, the preliminary weight, and for clarity – take a picture.

Registration of transportation of furniture and items

Register the furniture and item transportation service here and get offers from drivers.

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