Freight transportation

Freight transportation

SOSVAN is a platform that brings together over 1000 carriers to transport your parcel.


Freight transport is one of the most popular services that many people need every day. After all, each of us has moved at least once, bought furniture or household appliances that do not fit in a car. In such and many similar cases, we invite companies that provide cargo transportation services to help. In these days with so many suppliers, finding the best and most comprehensive option at an affordable price is a very time consuming and patient process. Do you also surf the net for hours looking for transport companies until you finally find an option that is at least partially suitable for you? Have you come across a situation where it seems that you have already found a suitable option for yourself, but it does not offer you the right time, and the search starts anew until you finally try to screw the load into the car?

We have created a platform where the customer sends a request
Freight transportation
When our company Sosvan noticed this problem, we came up with a solution. We have created a platform where the customer makes a request and receives offers from transport companies. This saves endless time and you can choose the best price offer. Our company offers various types of freight transport and a wide range of supplier services. You will be able to decide for yourself which carriers best meet your expectations and criteria. Working in this way and having a team, we can offer you a wide range of transport services. Usually, our carriers do not work alone, so we can transport not only small items in boxes, but also large non-standard parcel, such as furniture, household appliances, a piano, a tree or a car. In addition, many of our carriers have equipment that will facilitate the transportation of particularly heavy loads weighing more than 100 kg.

When searching for cargo transportation on our website, you need to fill out a request form, indicating which transportation services you need. Based on the information provided, you will receive answers from carriers indicating prices and terms.

We will make sure that the offers meet your criteria. We can offer you a wide range of vehicles. These are not only cars, but also minibuses, auto transporters, tractors. You will be able to transport a variety of items and you will not have to look for anything separately. Everything in one place. Convenient, simple, fast and cheap.

Often expats want to return to live in their homeland, but the wealth they have had over the years causes a lot of headaches. It would be unwise to give up everything for which you worked so hard, right? You will find a fast and affordable solution on our website. Our carriers operate practically all over Europe. We can transport your cargo from England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Holland, France, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belarus, Czech Republic, Portugal, Russia. , Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

We are also ready to help you if you want to take care of your loved ones abroad. We will take your parcel with food or various household items, or maybe as a gift to friends living in Lithuania or abroad. Our carriers will provide you with all the information, what documents you need to issue and how to do it for the carriage of goods to foreign countries. Each country has its own customs requirements, so save your time, choose services on our website and get the information you need without additional worries. Probably each of us is faced with how much time and effort it takes to search for information. Don't burden yourself, let us take care of it.

So, have you already decided that you want to try the advantages of our platform, but do not know how it works? It's much easier than you think. So, by going to our page -, you register on our platform. Then you fill out a request for forwarders indicating the transport services you need. The great thing is that there is enough space in the request to specify in detail what parcel needs to be transported. You must indicate in the form what kind of parcel you want to transport, you can upload a photo of it to make it easier to visualize, the destination where you need to transport the parcel, as well as the security service that will deliver and receive the parcel. And write the period when you need to transport the parcel. Both media will be able to offer their services that match your criteria. The question arises: "How do I know that these carriers are reliable?" All carriers registered on our platform must provide a brief description of their services, experience and transport. Also, after each profile, customers who have already used the services of a telecom operator can leave a review or recommendation about the work done. This will allow you to choose the most reliable and profitable transport company at your discretion. Also great is that you can save a lot of time and money on our platform. By filling out the request form, you will receive offers from carriers. This means you don't have to spend hours searching the Internet for the right option that gets you there at the right time and you have the right vehicle to transport your parcel safely and securely to the right place. You just have to choose the best price, as all our carriers are responsible for the perfect, safe and responsible transportation of your parcel.

Do you have a business for the production or sale of furniture or appliances? Or maybe building materials? Incoming customers for purchases do not have how to make purchases? Nowadays, we can no longer imagine stores or factories that would not have the ability to deliver goods home. It is clear that large companies that have all the possibilities for their own transportation, or can afford transportation services with the delivery of parcels. However, what if you have a small business and cannot afford the expensive shipping? Do you want to solve this problem, but the prices of many carriers are too high for you? On the platform you will definitely find suitable partners for you. You will receive many offers according to your requirements and will be able to choose the best price. In addition, our carrier companies stand for various business and cooperation opportunities, so you will definitely be able to negotiate and find a mutually beneficial option.

While our carriers are responsible for a flawless transport, it is your responsibility to pack the shipment. We want to help you and advise you on how to pack your parcel as safely as possible.

1. Place all small items in cardboard boxes. If you are worried that items may shake or get scratched, use packing materials. For example: foam, shavings or bubble wrap.
2. It is recommended to pack the dishes individually using bubble paper or film to avoid breakage.
3. You can put textiles in vacuum bags, saving a lot of space.
4. Items that cannot be placed in cardboard boxes should be wrapped in plastic wrap.
5. Particularly heavy items should be carefully stacked on pallets, wrapped in plastic and tied with ropes to prevent them from falling.

When planning the transportation of goods, you need to think not only about their packaging and safe transportation, but also about its contents. Especially when transporting not to the territory of Lithuania, but abroad. Remember that there are items that are prohibited from carrying with you. For example, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, psychotropic substances, drugs and more. You should also consider safety for the driver who will be transporting your parcel. Thus, it is prohibited to transport chemicals, explosives, flammable substances. It is best to consult with a shipping company before you start planning your shipment, which will explain in detail what is and is not possible. It will also indicate how many items cannot be exceeded. If you need to transport an important item that may not meet all the requirements, you can request the consent of the company management. Once the cargo has been prepared in such a way as not to endanger the driver, it can be transported. If you are interested in detailed information on the transport of prohibited or dangerous goods, you can find everything in the legislation on road transport.

If you have any questions about how to properly handle your parcel, you can always contact, our experienced consultants will help you and answer all your questions. The most amazing thing is that the helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can ask for help any time of the day. We are always ready to help you. When looking for carrier services, many take into account the carrier's prices, which is often a key indicator of the choice. Therefore, on our platform, we are pleased to offer you one of the best freight rates. The main plus is that in this case you choose the service yourself. This means that when you receive freight offers, you can choose the best price. There is also price competition here. All carriers are interested in selling their services, but only those who meet the requirements for parcel transportation can apply. So, the only aspect you choose from is price. By choosing this method, you can save a lot and enjoy excellent service at an affordable price.

We are pleased to offer you a platform on which you can easily order the desired freight transport, saving you time and money. Just for your convenience, we daily expand the range of our services so that you can quickly and conveniently choose and receive the best offers from carriers. Our goal is to receive first-class service at the best price.

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