Moving services

If you found yourself on this page – we will not ask you what happened.

Whether it's a job in Ireland, or love has called you to another city, maybe you bought a new home, or maybe you got sick of being an emigrant and started longing for your motherland – the only desire is to get your things and go home. No matter what prompted you to move, the important thing is that SOSVan is always ready to help you.

All furniture and things that you have earned will reach your new home. Quickly, safely and from anywhere. International moving or domestic moving – all of them are our specialisation.

What are the benefits of our moving services?

We invite drivers to respond to your request for help, for whom such works are not new. If necessary – porters will come along as well. If moving is stressful for you and you want to take a short break – you can split this activity into a few lighter days. With nothing is unsolvable. All your items will reach the destination safely. Our gift to you – cargo insurance.

What furniture, items and other accumulated property do we transport? 

The answer is simple – EVERYTHING! From the piano, all cabinets to the last cactus. Although moving is sometimes like a chance sent by fate to get rid of unnecessary things accumulated over the years – however, we are not here to moralize (we will leave the pleasure of doing so to your partner/parents/friends😉 ). Take everything you have. Load everything you need. We will transport all clothes, hay, livestock, guitars, books, dog, potatoes or canned mushrooms. Everything.

How to prepare your items for moving? 

Large furniture should be disassembled into smaller parts. Potatoes and other similar products should be tied up in bags to prevent their spillage during transportation. Books should be placed in boxes, and they should be wrapped with adhesive tape – everything to ensure the safety of your items. On the packed boxes it is advisable to write “What” and “Where it belongs”, because experience tells us that if you do not do so, it will take you a long time to find all the necessary items. Therefore, group all the items into larger boxes. Avoid loose gifts and other leaking bags and packages so that the porters don't scatter your valuable items on the stairwell. Once everything is packed – sit quietly on that heap of objects and ask someone to take a picture of you. Your work is finished, we will take care of everything else.

Moving registration

Simply and quickly complete the registration of moving and receive offers from drivers. You can register the service here