How does it work?

If you are the sender
If you are a carrier

1. Specify the size of the items you want to transport

2. Choose the most suitable carrier

3. Reserve your transportation by paying in advance

1. Choose the most suitable transportation offer

2. Deliver the freight to the specified address

3. Receive a payment

  • Helping People
    Creating quality competition for shipping and shipping services. That's why you not only help people get things fast, but you do it responsibly and inexpensively.

  • Using space and time
    You could just drive a half-empty car on a boring plan. And now you're still serving others, visiting new places, and making connections.

  • Extra Earnings
    Isn't it fun to benefit others while doing the service? Extra earnings have never confused anyone.
  • Reliable carrier = safe transportation
    From all the offers you receive, choose the driver you like best. Each driver has a brief description that shows your reliability and competence: customer feedback, rating, orders placed and experience.

  • Good price
    Transportation is provided on a very simple principle: you need a carrier, while the driver needs you. Therefore, competitive driver offers are waiting for you every time, and you only have to choose the one that offers the best price. Simple, convenient and saves money.
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