If you're already here, that means that you're probably looking for a transportation service, aren't you? It is a very familiar situation when transportation is needed, and all transportation companies with fancy names literally "evaporate from one's own head". We have an alternative for you: all you need to remember is six large letters: SOSVAN!

Do you know what kind of services we provide?

No, we are not a transportation company and we will not carry your transportation ourselves. We are the intermediaries – we intermediate between people seeking transportation services and transportation companies or smaller carriers. Transportation companies, carriers register on our platform and wait for transportation orders. As soon as the sender places an an about the needed transportation services – intensive price negotiations begin. Oh, yes! It's a complete novelty, but it's worth trying out just because it's another "first time"! And you must have heard the saying, "you're young as long as there are older generations!"? Read more about the transportation intermediation services we provide here.  How it works.

What transportation services are conducted on our platform?

All of them: transportation of passengers, transportation of machinery, transportation of cars and motorcycles, transportation of animals, transportation of furniture and items, moving services, transportation of goods, transportation of parcels and all other transportation services that were not mentioned, here in Lithuania and across Europe! And can it be any different if so many carriers and transport companies of various specialisations are registered on the platform?

Additional earnings for drivers, or maybe constant transportation offers?

If you like to travel a lot and are interested in extra earnings – become part of our team! If you provide transportation services and want to receive regular transportation orders – join us! Driver registration here: Driver registration   

If you need to send a parcel

Choose one of the transportation services on the left, fill out the booking form and get offers with prices directly from the carriers, you will only need to choose the best one for you!

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