This is the first platform providing transportation services in Lithuania, which unites drivers and shippers. Our service allows you to quickly and safely send shipments, large parcels, move, transport your pets, transportation and travel by yourself. We carry shipments both in Lithuania and throughout Europe.

www.sosvan.com – a platform providing various transportation services which is developed enthusiastically for both carriers and shippers. All of us at some point find ourselves in strange, non-standard situations where we need urgent assistance from the side. For some, it's an unexpected case of moving in the middle of the night. For others, the puzzle is how to move a piano from the ninth floor and take it to another city. In another case, someone might not be able to bring a cat with nine kittens to the village, but we believe that a person will always help another person.

We follow the principle: fast, safe and cheap 😉

What new amenities await you in the near future? 

We are intensively testing new SOSVan functionality. We are expanding the scope of services provided. We aim to create a competitive platform of transportation services provision  that meets the expectations of every customer.

If you are the sender

You can book any of our transportation services:
  • Parcel transportation;
  • Moving services; 
  • Non-standard cargo transportation; 
  • Transportation of furniture; 
  • Transportation of item; 
  • Transportation of animals; 
  • Transportation of passengers; 
  • Transportation of cars;
  • Transportation of motorcycles;
  • Transportation of machinery.

You just need to make a request for the service you want, attach a photo of the items (if it is a non – standard shipment) and after receiving Transportation offers from SOSVan drivers – choose the most relevant. Simple and convenient 😉

If you are a driver
Additional earnings offered for drivers:
  • You will promptly receive notifications of the latest transportation orders submitted by the senders.
  • You will provide your own price offers, contact the senders for clarification of details, all contacts will be close by so that you would always be ready to help people.

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