Machinery transportation

Machinery transportation

This service is designed especially for non-standard size machinery: transportation of agricultural machinery, construction equipment and transportation of other specialized equipment to the place you need.

Maybe you need to bring back a giant crop nozzle from Holland? Or maybe you bought an asphalt screed for a good price at an auction, which you plan to use for personal purposes? Do you wish to transport thirty lawn mowers to another city as soon as possible? Whatever it is – we can and we want to help you.

What makes our specialized transportation services good?

We invite drivers who know the subtleties of transporting special equipment and have the necessary loading equipment to respond to your call for help. Nothing is insoluble – you can be sure that with the cargo insurance, the expensive property you have purchased will safely reach the right place. Our transportation service platform allows you to choose the cheapest, best, fastest service provider.

What machinery do we transport? 

All of it: various agricultural, construction and other specialized machinery. From a rough heavy-duty brick stamping conveyor to a special precision-sensitive knitting machine. Tractors, agricultural machinery, loaders – you can count on us – everything will reach the right place.

How should you prepare for machinery transportation?

Provide us with as much information as possible about the cargo to be transported: precise dimensions, weight, whether there are separate parts, emergency requirements for transportation conditions (if any). Most of this information is contained in the technical characteristics of the cargo, which will help us to choose the vehicle that is most suitable for transportation. We'll take care of the rest.

Registration of transportation of specialized machinery

You can register for the machinery transportation here and get offers from drivers.

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