Mar 29, 2021
Become a carrier - transport cargo along the way | SOSVAN

Become a carrier - transport cargo along the way

Take the package on the way

Do you like to travel a lot? Or maybe your work is connected with traveling to different cities, villages, counties or regions of Lithuania? Or maybe you travel a lot abroad? Or maybe you are a professional freight forwarder? Then this offer is for you. Indeed, if there is free space in the car, of course, it will not be difficult to pick up the parcel from the sender and take it to the recipient, especially if it is on your way. Therefore, we invite you to become users of our platform and provide services to senders registered in our system. Plus, get paid for it.

  • Carrier requirements
  • Your personal data
  • Vehicle documentation

If you are going to become an operator of our platform, you do not need to have a telecom operator license. However, in order to protect our customers, we will ask you for personal information that is truly securely processed and not shared with others.

You must have a car to transport the cargo. As a result, we will ask you for a valid vehicle insurance policy.

After submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have verified the documents. IMPORTANT! If you think that you have not received confirmation - be sure to check your SPAM catalog on your email, sometimes confirmation emails are sent there, especially if you have not received any informational messages from us yet.

Post-login actions

After logging in to the system, we recommend that you first fill in the "MY ROUTES" section. Then it will be guaranteed that you will definitely not miss a single offer to pick up.

First, note what you plan to transport.

For example:

  • Transportation of goods;
  • We provide moving services;
  • We provide cargo transportation;
  • Providing transportation services for people;
  • For car transportation;
  • For the transportation of motorcycles;
  • Transportation of special equipment;
  • For transportation of animals;
  • We provide garbage collection services.

Just move your mouse over the selected ball and select it. When you check the box, it turns pink and you only receive notifications for your flagged shipments. You will receive notifications as soon as a corresponding request reaches our platform.

Next step: choose your route. That is, if you mainly travel only in Lithuania, filling in these fields will send you notifications only with requests in our country. But if, for example, you regularly travel to England, this is where you can set up requests for parcels or freight to get to England. Of course, as circumstances change, you can easily change these settings.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to mark here also the transit countries that are on your way. Because the system will only send requests that exactly match the states mentioned in the My Routes section.


When you click on the SETTINGS button next to your username, first review the details in the Account Settings section.

Upload your photo or company logo here, if you have a company, write its name, describe yourself. These details affect when a shipper receives multiple bids and needs to choose one of several carriers. By completing the fields, you will look more reliable and the chances of being selected will increase.


Please fill in all required fields. You only need to do this once before changing your vehicle.

Where can I find transport offers?

Select the OFFERS section.

By selecting this section, you will see all active system migration suggestions. Click [view] next to the offer you are interested in.

In addition, we must mention that SOSVAN has a mobile application in which, according to your settings, you will receive all notifications. Download, log in with the same data that you registered on the site, and receive notifications even more conveniently.

There are two types of ads - some senders offer shipping costs right away. Then all you have to do is click the GET OFFER FROM SENDER button. Of course, it can happen that several carriers can apply for an order. If you win the order, you will receive a confirmation sms and email.

Another option is when the shipper hasn't set a shipping cost. Then you will need to submit your offer and the sender will choose whether the price is attractive to them. You may have to compete with other carriers. We noticed that operators usually use a mobile application rather than a platform. Submission of a proposal is very similar, only when it is implemented does it become much more convenient to receive requests for use. Alternatively, the application can be made for a limited time using a gadget. For example. You will be in Vilnius for 3 hours, so you can pick up your cargo in 3 hours. Configure when sending an offer, the sender will see this information and understand that you need to be contacted fairly quickly.

The mobile app is really easy to use - just use the quick menu buttons. The first "Bets" will show you all the bids of the system, the second - "Viewed", you can mark the ads you are interested in, and there you will find a list of them. The third column is the shipments selected according to your preferences.

We recommend using the SOSVAN system, because then both carriers and shippers get additional benefits.

The customer who booked you must pay a booking commission, which guarantees your booking.

All shipments via are insured for 50 euros. SOSVAN insurance:

You manage your order. You have made an offer, but there is still room for negotiations? Has a competitor given a lower price? First of all, keep in mind that you may be offering additional services. That is, to keep the price, but offer packaging or something like that. Or make another offer.

Do not rush to share contacts with the sender and provide services without SOSVAN. The sender not only loses the right to insurance, but you also lose the opportunity to receive feedback, you do not count on successful orders for excellent service, your rating does not rise, and so on. And this will be especially important in the future when you want to receive even more transportation offers. In addition, an unconditional order remains in the system as valid and is misleading to other users.

We invite you to join the group of drivers on the Facebook “SOSVAN Carrier Community”. In this group we publish all platform and mobile app updates, as well as other topical issues.

We hope that using our platform, you will receive only positive emotions. In addition, if you have any comments on how this project can be improved, we will be waiting for your letters by e-mail [].