Non-standard cargo transportation

This service is relevant for those who need to transport something, but you have no idea how to describe it.

This can be a very strange kind of transportation, which somehow fate made us organize especially for you. Maybe a distant relative left you a yacht in his will, but now you have to bring it back from Monte Carlo? Maybe you need to take an elephant from Kaunas to Berlin Zoo? Maybe the police demanded you to urgently pick up the wrecked car you left by the sea during the weekend? Or maybe the English football team that visited you drives you crazy and you want to ”drive" them back to their homeland?

We may be a little ironic, but we believe that this will help you understand what these non-standard transports are and that can help you even in the strangest situations.

What makes our non-standard cargo transportation services special?

You got yourself in a situation where you have no idea what kind of transport you need, what measures to take, what will make it possible to achieve the goal. Trust us, our drivers have seen everything and can help you in any situation. What might seem as an insurmountable task to some, for others is just routine work. Let us help you. Special protection for your cargo is the additional SOSVan insurance service.

What kind of non-standard cargoes do we transport?

All that can be accommodated in passenger cars, vans or freight cars, dragged on a trawl, loaded on a crane, seated on seats or placed in cages.

Preparation of non-standard cargo

In the description of service, describe the cargo and attach a photo of it – this will help us to better understand the specifics of the cargo. Since, this is a non-standard cargo, it and its preparation will be individual, which we will coordinate during the order. However, there is no need for you to worry – our drivers are experienced and can take the strangest, largest cargo to the other end of Europe.

Registration of non-standard cargo

You can register your cargo here and get offers from drivers